WordPress Case Study — How a Recruitment Agency Website Grow?

is a free, open-source platform that you can use. In 2013, it became a blogging platform.

This CMS is built to make it easy for WordPress developers to build themes, plugins, and software for integration with the CMS.

With its Content Management System (CMS), users can create and manage their blogs and websites. Its system is highly flexible and is useful for a wide range of audiences around the world.

Here, I would like to share a case study of a Recruitment Agency. The client had a static website, due to which they were lacking to attract clients or candidates. So with the help of a leading — Galaxy Weblinks Inc., they build a fully functional WordPress Website.

Before getting into more details, let’s first check out why the clients chose WordPress rather than other platforms. Also, here I have mentioned the top reasons why large brands use WordPress.

Why WordPress?

  • Open Source platform
  • An organization’s expertise in PHP/WordPress
  • Simple tool with lots of customization capability
  • Existing users within the organization
  • WPMU (WordPress Multisite) allows for more granular permissions and organization

Here are the top reasons why large brands use WordPress -

  1. It’s easy to use and looks great
  2. A scalable solution
  3. Free of charge
  4. Allows you to own your data
  5. It allows you to launch quickly
  6. Integration with social media and other services is easy
  7. Mobile-friendly and 100% responsive
  8. Dynamic and alive
  9. A community, not just software
  10. Very SEO Friendly

Let’s start with a Case Study -

In 2008, the Client had a recruitment agency website, but he was not satisfied with the functionalities.

As he also received a quote for custom-designed websites with a job listings function that would have been over $1000 plus the site’s design. Although the website needs customization, the offered price was out of his budget.

Here I have listed all his journey from switching to WordPress Platform -

What was the Recruitment Agency Website lacking?

  • Does not have maximum Australia’s recruitment job advertisements on the websites.
  • Suppliers were offering recruitment websites costing more than $8000 plus ongoing fees of over $8000 per year, which was not offered to this recruitment agency.
  • Website customization + more job listing functionalities.
  • He was competing with over 1000 recruitment companies in Australia.

What Client Needed?

  • An attractive website that can help him grab more visitors, easy to update and has an interactive feel.
  • A job portal for customers, a news portal, and easy to update forms for listing jobs.

What WordPress Offered?

  • As we know there is no coding required, so it is considered one of the affordable platforms to build a website.
  • It’s easy to use and provides lots of customization capability.
  • Number of plugins (For — SEO, analytics, form submissions, management, social sharing, etc.)

What Galaxy Weblinks Inc. did for the Client’s Website?

  1. The developer built an attractive WordPress website in less time.
  2. It took just two days to create a new website after activating the template! The new template has hundreds of layouts and plugins.
  3. Built-in integration of social media and video.
  4. Added required Plugins and Done SEO
  • Installed SEO Plugins + Sitemap Generators
  • Added Social Media — subscribe, refer a friend, send to Twitter, Facebook, etc.…
  • Setup iPhone / Mobile Compatible
  • Setup Google Analytics.
  • Setup Google Maps.
  • Added Newsletter Plugin — subscribe and mail-outs
  • Security and Backup plugins — automatically back up their websites and tests for security issues and many more.

What Does He Have Now With WordPress Website?

  1. A website consistently ranks on the first page in Google for 80% of its live job postings.
  2. His website consistently beats career and employment sections worldwide.
  3. He receives over 2000 unique visitors a month.
  4. His website generates over 400 direct resumes per month for free.
  5. For most of his key keywords, he is ranked first. Top of Google for “Recruitment Agency Sydney” and 2nd page for “IT Recruitment Agency Sydney.”
  6. Maintain a steady top ranking for niche and common roles (Java Developers, PHP Developers, etc.)
  7. Fully automated — no extra work for consultants.
  8. Their job listings always beat the top Google listings from recruitment companies.

Final Word -

If you are looking to build a WordPress website, you should consider ., it would be a great fit for your project.

They provide a wide range of solutions, like web development, migration services, portal development, and integration services. In addition, their e-strategy development, rapid deployment, and continuous management help

businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, transform their web presences and achieve competitive advantages.



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