With on Demand App Development It’s All About Convenient Delivery!

On demand apps surveyed by Burson-Marsteller delivered some amazing facts:

  • 42% adult population of the U.S. that is 86.5 million Americans have used the on-demand service.

Last year, when Uber received a massive fund of $8.6 Billion, the whole world noticed the importance of on-demand apps then. And when the news of Airbnb receiving $2.4 Billion came, then every entrepreneur tied their shoelace for the run in the race of on-demand app development.

Imagine a situation where you salivate for Gelato Messina’s ice cream in hot sizzling summer, you check the app and find out it’s available! You order it and your hunger gets a yummy satisfying feeling!

Another situation, Imagine a Sunday morning, a man is an urge of dog sitter for his favorite dog. He wants to pamper his doggie with best services. He books the service on the app and within an hour, dog sitter comes home!

Now, think to grab the potential users for your business and offer them your delivery specific services. The on-demand application needs much of a focus and endeavors for the taste of success.

Let’s have a glance at the reasons behind the success of on-demand apps.

  • They target a specific set of customers.

Behind the success of on demand app development, a significant research on convenience aspect is essential.

Have you heard of the following?

Uber for Odd Jobs, Uber for Hotel Rooms, Uber for Beauty Services, Uber for Home Cleaning, Uber for Car Repairs and so on. Well, actually Uber-X is the term behind the names of these apps. Uber-X means Uber for a service. It basically showcases the convenience — everyday ride with an everyday price.

Decision Convenience

A successful application development always empowers the user with its range of services or products but with a convenience that saves the user from the finicky situation. The application should enroll the every aspect of product/service showcase so that a user can seamlessly craft a decision.

Access Convenience

The application should be designed in a way that a user is always guided properly towards his demand. An extensive search mechanism and categories must be managed accurately. If your app provides goods delivery, then following features must be there-

– Product search
– Shopping lists
– Wish lists
– Real-time messaging or calls

Transaction Convenience

Right from the purchase order till payment procedure, there has to be an end to end secure and seamless integration with 3rd party payment companies.

Benefit Convenience

The on-demand app must be enjoyable or say usable experience for the users. The app should be a win-win model for the provider and users both.

Post-benefit Convenience

There should be a provision for the post-app benefits like feedbacks, reviews, offers, discounts, coupons etc. in order to lock the customer for future purchase.

The innovation of an idea for your on-demand mobile app is the half work done. But the other half demands same attention in terms of choosing the right technology for crucial development. Basically, you can divide an on-demand app development into three categories:

  • GPRS Integration (Location Based services)

GPRS integration is the major important factor and it should be accurately developed.

The idea of on demand app is mostly orchestrated around the nearby location based services. A user who is in the search of the service will try to ensure that the service provider is nearby so that a service can be availed as fast as possible.

Everything related to user location, service worker location, the delivery time estimation has to be calculated and analyzed. For a taxi booking app, a route has to be also finalized for the time and cost perspective.

Now imagine how robust GPRS integration module is required! Apple Mapkit and Google Geocoder helps to embed fully functional map interface.

Credit system and Payment system integration should deliver a hassle-free experience to the user.

An application which is mainly developed for the money making must provide various ways of payment to the user so that a user may not run away due to an absence of his kind of payment system. Also, many payment gateways and many users at the same time must not result in a chaos or a disaster.

At the same time, if a customer books the service and pays for it, but cancels the service. For such instances, a credit system has to be in-place and made user-friendly in terms of ease.

Previously determined Variables of a specific app development results in excellence!

Yes, every innovation comes with different set of variables. GPRS and Payment Integration remains same for any on-demand app, but the heart of the business — an idea that comprises of lot many things.

All the business aspects and the core of the business should be visualized properly with every potential behavior of the user. The approach of service/goods delivery, the order management, shipment management, return and credits and the post purchase modules everything should be perfect to drag the customer again and again!

Bottom Line

So the bottom line is that a convenience research of a customer at every stage of an application has to be carried out and along with strong GPRS and Payment gateway integrations, a provider should deliver a strong interface which makes customer feel like, “This is the one I was looking for, one stop solution for my needs.

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