Why Are The Modern Organizations Betting On PHP For Business Critical Application Development?

There is a great demand for open source programming languages in the modern era where the enterprises are looking for swift, easy and affordable platforms to develop their business-specific applications.

According to Forrester, most of the companies in the recent times have preferred PHP over other open source languages for their application development.

The reason for such a demand for PHP application development among the businesses has predicted to be swiftness that PHP offers for development. It enables enterprises to get their applications developed in least possible time and hence, reduces time to market their applications.

Weighing Up PHP as a Future Development Language

According to the reports of one of the popular online employment sites, PHP is a leading technology in demand in terms of job skills. Since 2006, the demand for the PHP developers has seen to risen up at a faster pace and as a result, now it seems to be outpacing all the other development languages.

Such a demand for PHP developers indicates that more and more enterprises are accommodating themselves to PHP development for their business critical apps.

One of the best reasons for this is amazing flexibility of this programming language to integrate easily into business applications that are even written in other languages like Java. This means that PHP is a perfect fit for enterprise infrastructures.

PHP supports cloud framework and mobile platforms as well. While the former is the future technology that is expected to rise in demand with the passing time, the latter is the presently in-demand technology widely adopted by the firms for better business.

Hence, this shows that PHP has a promising present as well as future. But, in spite of such a relevance of PHP platform in all areas of application development, companies are still concerned whether it could be a safe bet for their application development or not.

In the modern times, PHP adoption in enterprises is taking pace. There are four major reasons for this.

1. Easily availability of developers for PHP application development

2. The development cycles are shorter with PHP

3. PHP is an easy technology that enables developers to come to perfections and speeder development easily

4. PHP has awesome integration capabilities to bridge up the gap between old enterprise software and modern architectures.

Below are a few benefits of PHP adoption in an enterprise that reveal PHP as a safe bet for business critical applications development.

Easy Availability of Talent

PHP is said to be the second on-demand platform after Java with highest number of developers working on it. PHP developers are easily available and hence, this is one of the best reasons that companies today are looking out for PHP application development for their business needs.

Moreover, the modern PHP platforms and frameworks are capable enough to support advanced agile development and deployment needs of the enterprises for maximum uptime and agility.

Swift Development Process

PHP supports a number of development frameworks that provide best practices and functionalities to speed up software development.

Moreover, this programming language is quite easy to learn and use and hence, significantly reduces the learning and development time thereby increasing the productivity of the developers.

With business critical applications delivering quality applications, implementing custom features and customer satisfaction are important things, which PHP promises to deliver successfully as well as swiftly.

Performance and Scalability

When it comes to business critical apps, scalability and reliability are the most concerned factors. These apps are critical in nature because very often entire business processes rely on them and hence, if their availability is effected, then the financial performance of the company would be effected as well.

As such, PHP supports features like concurrency, caching, web based load balancing and hence, supports automatic scaling and performance to occur for an application.

Cloud Readiness

PHP applications are considered cloud ready because integration of PHP with other data center technologies. These applications are said to support clustering, job queuing and advanced caching techniques and hence, help the enterprises to take advantage of the cloud deployments with improved throughput and elasticity.

So, considering all the above advantages with PHP adoption for enterprise, it would not be wrong to say that PHP application development is definitely a safe bet of organizations looking to develop business critical apps.

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