Umbraco Case Study | What Challenges And Complexity The Web Development Company Faced?

Before getting started with Umbraco Case Study, I would like to give an overview of Umbraco.

Umbraco — Umbraco is an open-source content management system built on Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology, which runs everything from small business websites to huge applications, powered by a fully-featured environment and a variety of extensions.

It is developed with ASP.NET, which is one of the most popular platforms for professional programmers. At present, Umbraco is used by over 100,000+ websites.

The Benefits of Umbraco for Your Business :

Umbraco has its own unique advantages, just like any other CMS platform. Let’s discuss how high-quality websites are created and supported -

  1. It’s easy to use, and powerful CMS: Its simple content management tools allow you to edit and modify your website as you wish quickly.
  2. Multiple languages are supported.
  3. It consists mainly of ready-to-use packages.
  4. The Umbraco environment can be used for editing or storing data right after installation.
  5. In terms of Umbraco’s .NET platform, users are provided with .NET user controls.
  6. Microsoft Word or Windows Live Writer are supported. By using it, you can manage news pages or blogs without using a browser.
  7. Using ASP.NET, ASP.NET controls, and CSS, you have complete control over how your site looks.
  8. Umbraco provides the familiarity of WordPress, making content publishing easy.
  9. Standard tools are supported: ASP.NET controls, master pages, HTML. It has add-ons that use XSLT and Razor macros. You can use different HTML editors, like Dreamweaver or Visual Studio.
  10. Umbraco is a search engine-friendly platform, allowing one to get started right away with search engine optimization.
  11. It requires little technical expertise to add functionality to apps and websites using Umbraco.
  12. Upload images, videos, and files to the media library of Umbraco.
  13. The Smart Search feature in Umbraco allows you to focus your search on the specifics of your search requirement based on your search terms.
  14. The Umbraco platform is cloud-based. You can quickly deploy a site using Amazon EC2 or Windows Azure.

Let’s get started with Umbraco Case Study -

Here’s a recent scenario: A leading software development company — Galaxy Weblinks Inc. was faced with a client who requested multi-domain, multi-region, and multi-language websites. The client has an existing website where he sells hot tubs, saunas, swim spas, and bathroom products.

The client wants several content editors’ dashboards so that they can manage the numerous dealer locations and sites to be easily editable. Additionally, the sites must be scalable over the next few years and be capable of handling millions of visitors per month. Although it’s not an easy task, Galaxy Weblinks Inc. thrives on challenges — especially when it means helping brands achieve their goals.

Fortunately, Galaxy Weblinks Inc.’s strategy team, designers, and experienced Umbraco developers handled this situation, delivering on the client’s requirements and providing direction on UX, functionality, and features that would offer the best user experience.

Why did Galaxy Weblinks Inc. Choose Umbraco?

  • As Umbraco can handle multiple domains per installation, several websites can be combined into a single database.
  • Its customizable URL routing capabilities enabled it to create language- and region-specific URLs (e.g., “/en-us” for a version in English, and “/fr-ca” for a version in French).
  • A plugin called Polyglot helps with page translations in Umbraco.

How was it Executed?

  • Using Ditto and Archetype, Galaxy Weblinks Inc. created simple widget-based pages for content editors to make changes quickly and in real-time. At the same time, dealer sections of the sites were protected so that dealers could not edit, preventing brand consistency issues.
  • By integrating Umbraco with Cloudflare — a web application firewall — high levels of security were maintained.
  • Use Formulate — An advanced form builder for Umbraco.

As a result of their investment in Formulate’s development, they used it to build dozens of contact forms with no extra development time needed by the web content editors. Rather than doing such a step by step, Formulate incorporated a dashboard that displays everyday tasks in Formulate, including adding analytics data to a form. In fact, Formulate was modified to work with Angular, the leading framework used by the websites.

This software helps create forms like a general contact form, a brochure request form, a form for contacting a specific dealer, a newsletter sign-up form, a multi-step campaign form, and a message with dealership details that can be sent via SMS. Due to the fact that everything in Formulate can be edited, these forms can be created in any language.

  • Use of auto-invalidating caches — Cache invalidation in a computer system refers to replacing or removing cache entries.

By using auto-invalidating caches and single-page apps in Angular, pages are loaded in less than 200 milliseconds and only 70 milliseconds is spent on server-side processing. Thus, an inexpensive single-core CPU server could power 37 million visits per month using this architecture.

  • Use the User Group Permissions — With the Umbraco plugin, they were able to make bulk edits to permissions rather than per-user edits in order to provide optimal performance.

What have they gained as a result?

  1. Reduce server response and page download times by half.
  2. Enhanced interaction with product content by more than 45%.
  3. Multiple language websites were created.
  4. Bounce rates were reduced by 30%.
  5. Gained insight into the prospect journey and lead attribution (enhanced analytics).
  6. Fixes issues with form submission workflow that cause duplicate entries and lost leads every day.
  7. They could create efficiencies that will reduce future development costs by 65% when the client has to restructure or add product categories to the existing structure.
  8. The marketing team could quickly analyze content and layout with A/B testing.

Few More Words -

Have you been working on a complicated website project and looking for a software development agency you can trust? Look no further than Galaxy Weblinks Inc.!

Their expertise as an eCommerce development company ensures that the store will be boosted from configuration, import, and export to customization to meet the customer’s needs. get in touch with them today!



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