UI/UX Case Study: Boosting Conversion Rate With Design

Surabhi C.
5 min readOct 1, 2021


The aim of this UI/UX Case Study is to share the detailed process and the reasoning behind redesigning an eCommerce website to increase conversion rates with the help of an amazing UI/UX development company.

Who is this company?

The owner of the eCommerce website sells Protein Coffee and the current website wasn’t really doing quite well in terms of making enough sales due to many reasons.

How do they find a top-class development company?

While searching for the best UI/UX developers on Google, they came across Galaxy Weblinks Inc., a leading custom web and mobile application development company.

They create solutions that are human-centered through the use of the best technologies. Their team values innovation and develops future-ready technology offerings for your customers based on their extensive research, imagination, and strategy.

They contact them and after a complete discussion of his requirements, they hire them.

Now, let’s get the case study started in detail!

The effects of a poor conversion rate:

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. first task was to identify the basic reasons for the poor conversion rate. They obtained this information from two different sources.

  1. Feedback received from its customers via email and through its Facebook group.
  2. Several user data points were collected with a third-party tool called Hotjar. Among the statistics, it gathers heatmaps, recordings, and feedback given by customers on pop-ups.

In general, the heatmaps and recordings did not provide any actionable information. Their results basically proved that conversion rates were low, which we already knew about.

What were the main problems with the website?

  1. Slow load times: Customers used to have to wait around 5 seconds after they clicked the checkout CTA. They also couldn’t see any loading progress.
  2. Some customers thought the product was expensive.
  3. Some customers had doubts about the ingredients. There were too many!
  4. The website text was hard to understand for some customers.
  5. They could not find the nutrition chart either.
  6. Customers did not think the product was reliable or premium.

Some of these problems affected the website greatly. However, not all the issues could be resolved by the designer. In some cases, this is beyond the designer’s control.

Here were a few problems that Galaxy Weblinks Inc. faced when they did some analysis of their own.

  • The interface is very cluttered. There is a lot of text and images scattered around.
  • It is very hard for customers to figure out what the product is. A checkout is placed directly above the fold.
  • Information on ingredients and nutrients is repeated. In some places, there was less information and in others, there was more. Overall, the website looked old.

Now that they have identified the problems, let’s see how they fixed each of them.

Effects of Visual Design

An attractive product is perceived as having a higher usability value by its users. Most people assume that things that look better will work better, even if they aren’t actually more effective or efficient.

When it comes to convincing users that a product or service is legit, reliable, and worth the price, make it feel premium. You can make a user feel that the product/service is premium by having a website that has really good visual appeal.

Product Section

As a first step, educate the customer on the product. Describe what the product is all about. There’s no need to overwhelm the customer.

The old design is cluttered with so many elements. There is a lot of information about the product crammed into the right-hand corner. The text isn’t large enough for easy reading.

In the redesign, there’s a big hero text on top of the page to give a sense of what the product is all about. Also included is an attractive and beautiful image showing off all the wonderful features of the product.

Checkout Section

Old Model — Customers can purchase any number of packets that they wish. Even one packet. However, if they bought three packets, they received a free shaker.

New Model — There are no options for customers. They have to buy 3 packets and they get a shaker for free. In other words, they simply need to click the checkout button.

The problem customers had was that the product was expensive. Here are three changes Galaxy Weblinks Inc. made to make the product feel less expensive -

  • In the new design, the original prices of each line product are displayed alongside the discounted prices. Due to the new design showing every line item in context, the customer is convinced he/she is getting a lot for a lower price. It seems as if he gets an offer/benefit for every line item.
  • Most customers appreciate FREE offers. They highlighted the word FREE with a green color to make it stand out. It definitely catches the eye of users. This was lost in the old design.
  • They made the incentive of the free shaker and shipping stand out with even an icon. It was less apparent in the old design.

Nutrition Section

First of all, all 3 flavors are exactly the same in terms of nutrition value. There is one tiny difference between the two flavors. Thus, it wasn’t necessary to show the same nutrition information separately for all 3 flavors.

Additionally, consumers tend to trust the nutrition information on every product. To see that information in the old design, a customer had to click on the small text “Ingredients”. The information was clearly not visible. Therefore, They developed a solution where the customer could tap on the flavor to see the ingredients.

Moreover, badges offered a great deal of information regarding the authenticity of the product, such as where it was manufactured, certification, etc. This was the last image in the old design. So they move the upper side to be easily visible on the website.

Footer Section

The old design was missing both links and payment options. In addition, they changed the UX copy to encourage users to sign up for the newsletter.

As a result, the message was changed to “Get 10% off”.


So this was the entire website redesign process. Hopefully, this article was helpful and insightful for you.

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