Types of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Surabhi C.
3 min readApr 20, 2021

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a corporation approach that assures the facility’s services are profitable and ethical for society. Although the most company objective is to obtain benefits, focusing exclusively on productivity isn’t enough in the current world.

By implementing CSR, organizations are conscious about the impact they have on the community besides business transactions.

Types of CSR Programs -

Corporate Social Responsibility actions are based on four various categories:

It’s not difficult to prove and difficult to deny the significance that corporate social responsibility policies have from the standing of businesses.

In reality, some research published over the past years showed that firms with good CSR practices locate their reputation and brand image enhanced. So figure out exactly what you do with CSR.

1. Philanthropic Corporate Social Responsibility

Philanthropies’ responsibility intends to serve mankind. This standard focuses on the prosperity of the unprivileged or poor individuals who need our help to sustain this planet.

Organizations satisfy their philanthropic duty by giving their time, money to good cause and associations at public or worldwide levels.

These gifts are particularly given to a group of noble causes including common liberties, public disaster relief, education programs, and more.

2. Environmental Responsibility:

Companies will undoubtedly satisfy their monetary obligation since the consciousness of environmental issues is developing generally among the consumers.

They need organizations to find fundamental ways to save our planet and save every one of the lives in it. Companies that are worried about decreasing air, land, and water contamination have expanded their remaining as great corporate residents while profiting society.

Environmental CSR involves the assessment of the company’s production difficulties to locate wasteful activities and destroy them from the business structure.

Types of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

3. Ethical Responsibility

It is about looking after the well-being of the employees by ensuring fair labor practices for the employees.

Ensuring fair labor practices for employees means that there will be no gender, race, or religious discrimination among the employees. It ensures that each employee will be given equal pay for equal work.

4. Economic Responsibility:

Economic responsibility is an interconnected domain that concentrates to find some kind of equivalence between business, environmental, and philanthropic works.

It submits to the set principles of ethical and good regulations. In this unique situation, companies strive to discover an answer that can work with their business development and create benefits by profiting the community.

Conclusion -

Organizations must understand that Corporate Social responsibility has become a necessary method and they can’t refuse it anymore.

Businesses can improve their public image by supporting nonprofits through volunteerism and making monetary or materialistic donations to build strong partnerships with their consumers and the community alike. With these 4 types of CSR programs, you can take your CSR programs to the next level and ensure that you get the best value from each of them.

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