Trends That Will Shape Mobile Development in 2018 and Beyond

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Mobile application development is one of the most trending development processes in the market today. The years may end but the development of these applications keep swiftly growing with the never ending demand among the users.

Each day you may find variety of new applications with some innovative ideas to deal with. If we go according to the statistics, it was reported in 2017 that around 197 billion applications were downloaded.

With commence of 2018 there are several new ideas in form of application that we will witness. Startups and small businesses earlier thought of business applications as investments but now they are in need of these applications to let the world know their existence.

If we talk about the large companies they too have their applications that add on to their profits and popularity. Mobile applications have been the focus of innovation in recent years.

In 2018 we have different and new technologies to have a great impact on the market. IoT is the main streamline of 2018. Moreover, we can observe a huge change in the way AI, AR, and VR that are getting involved into the real-life mobile solutions. Below is the list of technologies will at the boost in this year.

IoT and Wearable Technology

IoT though was in use from past year but with advancements in 2018 it will the main center of streamline in the market. It was and will be used highly in many forms.

Even it has been witnessed that it is widely used in sectors like education and health. Even has led to the innovation of smart offices and homes to live in future and present.

Automation in IoT is the main point to look for. Smart offices and smart homes are the best examples of automation. It has been observed that more and more people are searching for smart homes and automated services under IoT over the search engines. This leads to huge demand for automation systems in the market.

Android Instant App Will make it way

Android Instant Applications allow Android users to run your apps instantly, without installation. They provide a new and unique way for developers to develop application and for users to consume apps.

Android Instant App adopts latest version from 5.0 to 8.0. With these applications, users can make use of one feature of an app without app installation with other features.

The whole scenario works as when users request a feature from an instant application, they receive only the code required to run that specific feature. After they are done using the feature, system can dispose of the feature’s code.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Applications

In 2018 world will witness AR and VR going somewhere beyond gaming and entertainment sector. Last year there was a huge demand and growth in business technologies. Industry cannot imagine its growth without Both AR and VR technologies.

Companies dealing with retail, health sector, real estate are basically are run by Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality technologies will be more focused on the gaming sector and entertainment.

Cloud-based Apps

More cloud based applications are being developed recently due to work getting done on cloud. This leads to huge demand for these applications in the market.

Cloud technology is what that is being used now a days and with such a high rate. It has become much quicker and easier to get data without impacting on your internal phone memory.

The important thing in cloud based mobile application is that they seem to be very attractive and alleviate and encourage data security. The rise of mobile cloud computing has a lot of benefits backing it.

When we use cloud computing in mobile apps, it is easier to store data and process heavy tasks in mobile. This increases the reliability, speed, and security of mobile apps and allows for the maximum collection, storage, and analysis of user data.

Mobile Payments to Inflate

People now prefer online transactions and internet banking. Users also get largely engaged themselves in online shopping that involves online money transfer and payments.

As time is passing by and technology is advancing, people prefer the online transactions. Credit/Debit cards are main source of payments.

Recently with the new technologies being adopted may lead to the contact less concept for the payments. Even the concepts like integration of digital currency, wearable payment solutions etc are on their way to get in practical use.

Moreover, electronic payments are favorite and first choice of the customers and are expected to transform towards a cashless society. This indeed is great option to get data and provide and support the clients.


Concisely, Mobile Development experts must be aware of these trends in order to excel in their field. Equipped with this information, they must modify their mobile development strategy with effective solutions.

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