How A Crockeries Wholesaler Earned Sales & Traffic | Magento 2 Case Study

Surabhi C.
3 min readAug 27, 2021


Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform providing a flexible shopping cart option, and control over the features, design, content and functionality of the store. Magento is known to provide powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

In this case study, I have shared a client’s success story about how a well-known custom Magento development company made some customizations in the existing website and upgraded it to a latest Magento version, which resulted in a 36% hike in sales.

About The Client:- The client is a wholesaler of custom designed and engraved crockeries. The business is physically located in Canada. The company has an existing Magento store, selling tons of crockeries and related items on an average. But due to lack of some enhanced functionalities and upgradation, the client was desperately searching for the optimal solution.

Finally, he reached a leading eCommerce development company who suggested to him a solution he was really looking for. So he decided to hire that custom eCommerce development company named Galaxy Weblinks Inc., to do this task for him.

Requirements -

The client was asking to keep all the data safe and secure while migrating the website along with the passwords and other details.

The data to be transferred between the two websites should be extra secured.

How Galaxy Weblinks Inc. Fulfilled It?

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. has a team of skilled eCommerce developers who utilized their expertise and started from configuration part, import and export data and customization of the store to give an enhanced experience.

By leveraging the advanced tools and Magento extensions, the team was able to migrate all the data into a new version successfully without losing any important information. Passwords, custom records, credentials and other sensitive data was also kept safe and was securely migrated from old version to new.

Categories, customers data, catalogues, product inventory, website navigation and important functionalities were turned into a new version and appearance for the users. It almost gave a new look and feel to the website, improving sales and traffic.

The Challenge

Galaxy Weblinks Inc., deeply focused on every requirement of the client and came up with the desired solution to migrate the old version of Magento to a newer one.

Migration of existing data and functionalities into an enhanced version of Magento required few expertise and skills.

  • While migrating an online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2, one cannot take the current theme into consideration and need a fresh theme to move ahead.
  • Needs regressive testing when moving your store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. There are some automation tools provided in Magento 2, which makes it easier for testing the newly upgraded store.
  • Tough to transfer sales data & customer base.
  • Having completely different database structures, SEO becomes quite complicated. Some most common issues encountered are -re-indexing, website traffic loss, sales loss, URL structure optimization, etc.

Improvements & Sales Growth-

After succeeding with the website upgradation and enhancement, the new Magento store picked up 36% increased sales and 52% website traffic in a few days.

Earlier the website was selling a upto 40–48% crockeries online and had a weaker customer base online, due to lack of functionality and website optimization.

After migrating to Magento 2 version, the website is continuously performing well with the customer base, serving 2000 new customers on an average per day. The sales have also grown up upto 36% earning a good amount of profit overall.

Few Words -

If you are also looking for something like this or got stuck with your existing Magento store, then hire the best custom eCommerce development solutions (Galaxy Weblinks Inc.) for your business.

As this crockeries store owner you will eventually see an increased performance of your store and sales within a few days. Galaxy Weblinks Inc. has hands-on experience in delivering best ecommerce solutions for multiple industries and varied sectors which led to a boost of ROI, leads and website sales.

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