Development Of An iOS Mobile App For Healthcare: Case Study

Surabhi C.
3 min readOct 1, 2021

Mobile app development is highly used nowadays by industries as it provides outstanding results. It includes the development of mobile applications based on different technologies & usage of frameworks like — react native, Flutter, Xamarin, iOS, Android, native and hybrid applications, etc.

Today I am going to share a case study of a healthcare organization that seeks the help of a mobile app development company to build an iOS mobile application for their firm.

About the client -

A healthcare firm from the UK serving the best medical treatments for diabetic patients was looking for an iOS application. Although the diagnosis and treatment with the offline option were working fine.

However, the online consultation with doctors, tracking of patient’s health progress, and medication were possible only by developing an intuitive mobile app.

Challenge -

The challenge was to create an application with features that can allow the patients to virtually communicate with doctors, create their records, book appointments online, Video Conferencing

& more. The idea was to build an app whole from scratch and include all these features up to the mark.

The client approached Galaxy Weblinks Inc., a custom mobile application development company to get the best application designed at his end. The company has 20+years of experience in building native and hybrid applications for the users of many industry verticals like- healthcare, EdTech, finance, banking, telecommunication, etc.

Process -

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. started working on the project by first designing a wireframe for it. The application consisted of basic to advanced modules and core functionalities including-

  • Use registration
  • Track and maintain patient’s historical records.
  • Book appointments with the doctors.
  • Online medical consultation & medication.
  • EHR Integration

The process started from the designing of basic modules where users can register themselves and communicate with doctors. They used the “MySQL” server to maintain the users’ records in the database. The next task was to align the patient’s and doctors’ modules with each other where they can easily discuss the patient’s health issues and prescribe the medicines online.

Booking online appointments, consultation, online medication prescriptions were successfully implemented. To make the app more intuitive and responsive, the developers have used native components.

Patient progress tracking was a vital feature that could help the app in achieving the best outcomes. They can easily track health progress even on a daily basis. The option for checking the sugar level was provided in the app itself which saved a lot of time for the patients.

They can check their sugar levels at home and can consult with the doctors for further medication in case the results are not satisfactory.

Outcome -

With the proper functionality implementation and simple user interface the app was completely delivering desired outcomes. This saved a lot of time for both the patients and doctors. Patients could easily access their dashboard and profile, check the sugar level via the app itself, and communicate with doctors online.

The company earned 45% more profit and was able to enroll 53% to 61% of new users on a monthly basis. As compared to offline collaboration, online consultations are providing more satisfactory solutions for healthcare resulting in increased profit and better health consultations.

If you are a doctor or have a healthcare startup and are dreaming to launch your personal mobile app, then hire Galaxy Weblinks Inc. and get the proven results at your fingertips.

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