Case Study: UX/UI Development & Customization For A Bakery

Surabhi C.
3 min readSep 24, 2021


In order to satisfy the user experience and meet the website goals with a positive approach to fulfill the business requirements successfully, UX/UI has come into existence. A team of expert designers is responsible for designing the website by applying visual design principles.

So here I am sharing a case study of a Bakery shop who hired an expert UX/UI development team to redesign their website for more engagement and branding.

About the client & challenges-

The client was Toronto based, running an online bakery website selling breads, biscuits, chocolates, cakes & pastries and other stuff. He was covering the major areas of Toronto and decided to extend the demographics to nearby areas.

The bakery had a great branding on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other platforms, his main concern was to update the website’s logo, improve the UX/UI and visual appearance of the website in order to boost the branding.

So he had done a great research in finding the best and appropriate designing team and end-up hiring Galaxy Weblinks Inc., a custom UI/UX design company in order to get the desired website solutions at his fingertips.

They have a team of seasoned UX/UI developers and have experience in improving the website’s functionalities, interaction design, branding and more. They have provided unmatched business solutions to their clients which helped them in achieving their ultimate goals.


The homepage of the website representing services, about us, products and services, contact us and some other internal pages had a complex navigational structure, which was restricting the buyer from purchasing the product with ease.

The structure was not as simple as other websites have. So, Galaxy Weblinks Inc. deep dive into it and found a reliable solution to optimize the structure. All the unnecessary and 404 links were firstly removed to provide a clear menu option to the users. Some coding part was required to optimize the CSS & HTML files.

With the help of SEO, the URL structures were optimized.

Also, the product images and product descriptions were overlapping with each other, distracting the user in all the possible ways. Long scroll designs and improper placement of some of the elements were to be removed on priority. With the help of UX/UI development and interaction design, the longer sections of the website were divided into the smaller sections and some horizontal scrolling were introduced to make the website more responsive.


By imposing the upper changes in the website, the functionalities automatically got improved resulting in huge profit to the company in fewer days. Alongside the branding of the bakery shop too got improved. Now, the users were able to purchase the items more easily without having to navigate through the whole website.

The profit of the company is continuously growing at the heights and is 63% more as compared to previous years. A great hike in users and orders is also seen by the client which is 58% more now. The website is now running much smoother without causing any hassles to the users as well as providing a pleasant look and feel.

Few Words-

There are continuous challenges growing up in the business websites causing troubles to the loyal customers. If you are also suffering from this type of hassles with your website or need any UX improvement, feel free to contact Galaxy Weblinks Inc. team.

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