5 Ways To Improve Your PHP Website Performance

PHP is the most popular and highly used among all the server side programming languages to build powerful and flexible web applications using multitude of frameworks.

The leading websites that boasts to use PHP are- Facebook, Wikipedia, Pinterest, Sinal, etc. Also, PHP serve as a base for content management systems like- WordPress and Drupal.

According to W3C survey, “PHP market share to build server-side web applications is 82% and PHP stands at the top in terms of popularity and traffic.”

Instead, the PHP language is subjected to the performance problem. The websites built using PHP crashes when the traffic gets increased. The small hitch slow down the web performance, but minor changes such as including caching tools, turning database, load balancing and reverse proxy can maximize app performance, responsiveness and support huge traffic.

Without needing to refactor the code, here are some tips to better the website performance:

1) PHP cache kit

With PHP caching, it’s not required to regenerate the page every time that speed up the page loading. When website save the data it is asked for first time, then next time it send the same data that’s stored in cache, it will save a lot of time and load the page faster. Using PHP cache kit, module level caching can be implemented on-the-fly.

2) OpCache

The caching engine caches the distinct part of single page of website separately and every part get refresh in a different way, which in turn reduces page rendering time. Opcache is one of the cache engine that enable handling more requests per seconds and improve the response time without using byte code cache engine.

3) Memcached

Memcached- the free and open-source software is a memory caching system. The memory cache speed up the database queries by caching the results, if several requests make the same query repetitively.

By temporarily storing the data, it alleviates the database load thereby making dynamic web applications work at speed.

4) PHP accelerator

It is one of the PHP extension that cache the compiled byte code to eliminate the overhead of parsing. The cached code is stored in the shared memory from where it directly executes at runtime which in turn reduce the amount of slow disk reads and boost the speed at which page generates.

All three- page generation time, network latency, and page rendering time get uplifted after installing PHP accelerators.

5) Analyze APIs integration

Barely, an application development don’t include any external APIs. When leveraging external APIs, the team cannot have control over them, if there is any issue related to the performance.

The impact of remote APIs slow performance over can be mitigated using some techniques such as caching API output or making API calls in the background.


Keeping application performance in step with increasing customer’s expectation is not a breeze. However, optimizing the functionality, focusing on coding and implementing right caching technique can bring a difference to the web app performance.

Next time, when you hop on to the PHP development, ensure fast web page loading and quick response time must be there in your web application.

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Skilled in Writing Tech related Content.

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Surabhi C.

Surabhi C.

Skilled in Writing Tech related Content.

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