5 Best CSR Consultants: You Must Know In 2021

Here is the list of 5 best CSR consultants that you must know in 2021. Hope you can find the one that suits your requirements -

1. Wachs Strategies

Wachs Strategies transforms how companies and organizations shape social change and impact. They believe social impact not only builds brands but also serves as a fundamental business driver.

In their experience, this work can be a competitive advantage. Too often, corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are siloed, secondary, and stifled by old paradigms.

Here are five key services of the CSR consulting company:

Strategy Development: Wachs Strategies works with clients to set goals, understand current business models and evaluate external landscapes to define organizational priorities and expertise. The plans and recommendations are anchored in clear goals, budgets and processes to achieve measurable milestones and quantify success.

Advocacy & Communications: Wachs Strategies helps develop advocacy issue campaigns and positions clients alongside key players, including elected officials, industry leaders and philanthropy influencers, to accelerate mission impact. As specialists in federal, state and local policy agendas.

They craft targeted advocacy and communications strategies to enhance programs and direct service models, as well as thought leadership and visibility and public-private partnerships.

Fundraising & Development: Big ideas require substantial and sustainable funding. Wachs Strategies works with development teams to identify and maximize diverse revenue streams.

They develop fundraising resources, materials, and processes that celebrate organizational strengths with target prospects in mind. They create cases for support and package programmatic work.

Strategic Partnerships: Wachs Strategies specializes in the design of innovative, win-win public-private partnerships. They nonprofit strategic planning consulting services span the full partnership process from market analysis and identification to outreach and negotiations.

They connect nonprofit, government, philanthropies, and corporate players to advance shared goals.

Leadership Advising: Without strong leaders who prioritize social impact by setting a tone and culture that embraces the work, companies and organizations will not be as effective in truly making a difference.

Their social impact consulting services inform leadership on strategy, executive positioning, and communications around social impact. With a team of experience working with executives at multiple levels with different styles and approaches.

Josh Wachs — Best CSR Consultant

Josh Wachs launched Wachs Strategies in 2016 to share his multi-sector expertise with leaders. As President of Wachs Strategies, Josh maximizes social impact for his clients. Josh draws on over two decades of leadership experience in the private, government, and non-profit sector to help client’s deliver social change.

He has been the architect of numerous complex social impact strategies — leveraging organizational assets including programmatic, communications, marketing, and government relations elements — to solve pressing social problems while measurably impacting the bottom line.

Josh is a veteran strategist. As the Chief Strategy Officer for Share Our Strength, Josh was responsible for developing, implementing, and launching the long-term strategy for the No Kid Hungry campaign, the organization’s national effort to end childhood hunger in America.

He led a transformational shift in the organization’s strategy and structure that resulted in the organization adopting a keen, metrics-driven focus on enabling access to nutrition for low-income kids and families across the country.

He defined and managed the organization’s role and relationships at the federal, state, and local levels, building the organization’s fundraising capacity, increasing its profile among key influencers, measuring organizational impact, and fostering inter-departmental collaboration around Share Our Strength’s organizational goals.

Through his work with No Kid Hungry, Josh developed numerous corporate partnerships with companies including Arby’s, Walmart, and Sodexo, adding significant business value to those corporations.

Official Website — https://wachsstrategies.com/

2. EMG Group

EMG Group is a professional advisory company for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and tactical sustainability.

Founded in the Netherlands in 2004, the award-winning advisory company has become the first option in Sustainability and CSR advisory for authorities, companies and non-profit organizations globally.

Services offered by EMG Group -

  • Strategy & Implementation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Sustainability Implementation
  • Communication
  • Philanthropy
  • Assessment & Reporting
  • Employee Training

Official Website — https://www.emg-csr.com/

3. KarmaKonnect

KarmaKonnect considers Corporate Social Value as opposed to Corporate Social Responsibility because ‘duty’ somehow connotes a ‘by force’ facet.

With this view, KarmaKonnect helps big businesses and SMEs/startups to comprehend that the most value and effect in their investment by helping transition of CSR theory from a cost center to strategizing the invest, creating opportunities to help resolve social issues, and reap rewards from a correctly employed strategic CSR program.

KarmaKonnect will produce a structured volunteering and lending application that includes:

  • A complete measurement framework with an assessment questionnaire and scorecard
  • Vetted partners
  • Required policy and procedure materials
  • Administrative infrastructure (leveraging the interests and skills of employees)
  • The right technology to support the program objectives and processes
  • Reward and recognition programs

Official Website — http://karmakonnect.org/web/csr-consulting.php

4. Mon Ami Foundation

Mon Ami Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit Trust, registered in India, with a strong focus on social responsibility.

We work closely with corporates, domain experts, service providers and recipient communities to guarantee equal participation from all stakeholders in order to add value throughout the board.

Focus Areas:

  • Sustainable livelihood & Profession skills
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Preventive & implant healthcare

Official Website — https://monamifoundation.com/csr-services-for-companies/

5. HelpYourNGO

HelpYourNGO, is uniquely qualified to encourage businesses facing similar queries in identifying proper NGO partners and financing opportunities.

HelpYourNGO has developed a strong framework to make sure each contribution is optimally utilized.

The practice is followed for the two CSR funding requests in addition to employee volunteering opportunities provided by corporates. Through a structured 4-step strategy HelpYourNGO helps customers in optimally channelizing their own CSR funds.

1. Solicit & Evaluate Proposals

3. Conduct Detailed Analysis

2. Recommend to the Corporate

4. Facilitate Grant Disbursal

Official Website — https://www.helpyourngo.com/csr-services.php

Conclusion -

Hope you find the article “5 Best CSR Consultants: You Must Know In 2021” helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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