5 Best Corporate Philanthropy Company In 2021

Surabhi C.
5 min readApr 25, 2021

Looking for a corporate philanthropy company?

Then, you are at the right place. Here we have covered a list of the best corporate philanthropy companies in 2021.

Before the listing first let us know what is corporate philanthropy?

Corporate philanthropy requires the act of donating to a charity or a foundation whose mission is to fight a cause and deliver societal effect. The contributions can include monetary help as well as in-kind contributions.

Why is corporate philanthropy distinct from CSR?

We often utilize both theories in the exact same way. However, there are some differences. Corporate philanthropy is supposed to be driven by a desire to generate a societal shift.

The company just makes donations of property or money to have an effect and improve their new image. But it is not involved in the corporate primary activities. Corporate social responsibility, on the other hand, is really integrated into the company’s actions and identity.

Let begin with the best companies in the field -

1. Wachs Strategies

Wachs Strategies transforms how companies and organizations shape social change and impact. They believe social impact not only builds brands but also serves as a fundamental business driver. In their experience, this work can be a competitive advantage. Too often, corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are siloed, secondary, and stifled by old paradigms.

Here are five key services of the CSR consulting company:

Strategy Development: Wachs Strategies works with clients to set goals, understand current business models and evaluate external landscapes to define organizational priorities and expertise. The plans and recommendations are anchored in clear goals, budgets and processes to achieve measurable milestones and quantify success.

Advocacy & Communications: Wachs Strategies helps develop advocacy issue campaigns and positions clients alongside key players, including elected officials, industry leaders and philanthropy influencers, to accelerate mission impact. As specialists in federal, state and local policy agendas.

They craft targeted advocacy and communications strategies to enhance programs and direct service models, as well as thought leadership and visibility and public-private partnerships.

Fundraising & Development: Big ideas require substantial and sustainable funding. Wachs Strategies works with development teams to identify and maximize diverse revenue streams.

They develop fundraising resources, materials, and processes that celebrate organizational strengths with target prospects in mind. They create cases for support and package programmatic work.

Strategic Partnerships: Wachs Strategies specializes in the design of innovative, win-win public-private partnerships. They nonprofit strategic planning consulting services span the full partnership process from market analysis and identification to outreach and negotiations.

They connect nonprofit, government, philanthropies, and corporate players to advance shared goals.

Leadership Advising: Without strong leaders who prioritize social impact by setting a tone and culture that embraces the work, companies and organizations will not be as effective in truly making a difference.

Their social impact consulting services inform leadership on strategy, executive positioning, and communications around social impact. With the team of experience working with executives at multiple levels with different styles and approaches.

Official Website — https://www.wachsstrategies.com/

2. Altruist League

The Altruist League supports organizations serious about improving the world. We offer world-class approach advising and portfolio management to philanthropists, corporations, individual and institutional investors.

Their wide web of analysts tracks more than 10,000 social movements around the globe. We employ cutting-edge machine learning to understand from this dataset how the planet is changing, where it’s headed, and where investment is necessary.

Services Offered by them -

  • Philanthropy Consulting
  • Impact investing
  • ESG Advisory
  • Sustainable Investing

Official Website — https://www.altruistleague.com/

3. Ignite Philanthropy

Ignite Philanthropy functions all aspects of the non-profit and adoptive sector — from individuals, businesses and foundations seeking to organize and increase their philanthropic giving to nonprofits looking for an experienced fundraising or plan partner to raise funds to accomplish their mission.

Though we typically combine our unique set of solutions into a personalized solution for our customers, we’ve got a set of core services organized into two classes.

  • Non-Profit Services
  • Philanthropic Services

Official Website — https://ignitephilanthropy.com/services/

4. Philanthropy Company

Philanthropy Company is a fundraising consultancy specializing in providing strategic information, technical assistance and specialist training for charitable businesses, philanthropists and corporate donors seeking to improve lives and transform futures.

Since the company was founded in 2002, we have been assisting clients across all industries achieve excellent things: providing relief to families in times of crisis, helping veterans, supporting churches fundraise for their legacy resources, developing international programmers, supporting disaster relief, construction hospitals, schools, universities galleries, concert halls, and nurturing the talent and potential of students.

The group is made up of highly skilled and deeply committed fundraisers with varied experiences from working with non-profit organizations across the UK and internationally. Each of us has individually solicited significant contributions from high net-worth people, corporations or trusts.

Philanthropy Company is a fundraising consultancy dedicated to providing strategic advice, practical support and expert training for charitable organizations, philanthropists and corporate donors seeking to improve lives and transform futures.

Service provided them are -

  • Fundraising Consultancy
  • Interim and International Services
  • Donor and Corporate Giving Advice
  • Mentoring and Training

Official Website — https://philanthropycompany.com/

5. BWF

BWF is dedicated to helping you construct long-term capability to realize your objectives.

As both specialists in complicated philanthropy and the top innovator in the area, our worldwide outlook and practical comprehension means you receive the ideal solutions to progress your own fundraising efforts.

BWF is a lot more than the consulting company. We’re a multifaceted services company providing hands-on involvement and fundraising along with your components.

Here are the services offered by BWF -

  • Strategic Planning & Campaigns
  • Philanthropy Operations & Analytics
  • Giving Programs & Donor Engagement

Official Website — https://www.bwf.com/

Conclusion -

Hope you find the list of best corporate philanthropy companies in 2021. According to me, I would suggest one to go with “Wachs Strategies” as they work dedicatedly on this field.

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